Welcome to the Community Learning Forum! How to get started

Welcome to the Community Learning Forum!

What is the Community Learning Forum for?

The Community Learning Forum is one of the main ways that we share learning and encourage connection and sharing at the HCDExchange. We use this platform as a way of shedding light on our on-going work and learnings, building on the discussions and content from our events, and creating spaces for community members to come together.

  • Events: We run monthly events which take the form of either webinars, project spotlights, informal discussions, and skills-building workshops. Forum event pages are a space to share information about the event, speakers, and other materials related to the content.

  • Learning: A space to share information about the process of learning, learning updates and learning products here, as well as make space for discussion. We view learning as a process and not a destination so no product or output is ever truly final.

  • Opportunities: A space to share opportunities relevant to the We will constantly share content here and hope that members will take advantage of this space to share their own opportunities with the community. We also pull from this space for our monthly e-bulletin email.

  • Announcements/Updates: Accountability and transparency are two core tenets of communities. To ensure we are being both accountable to and transparent with our community members and stakeholders, our team shares updates about the work that we are doing and the thinking/reflections that lead to our decision-making and prioritization. We also share announcements here.