About the Ideation & Co-Creation: Skills-building workshop category

We’re excited to host a skills-building session on Nov 3rd in partnership with ThinkPlace. We’ll be diving into the use cases and best practices of HCD workshops! Register here!

The HCDExchange is committed to building the capacity of young and curious practitioners on the value and application of quality human-centered design (HCD). As a part of this, we are holding quarterly skills-building workshops for practitioners in the Community of Practice to build on their use of HCD in their AYSRH and MYE work.

In this session, we intend to narrow in on the uses and good practices of HCD workshops. A workshop on workshops! This session seeks to provide further clarity to practitioners about when and how HCD approaches can be used to add value, insight and creativity to their programs, and also introduce a number of different types of workshops that fit different purposes (i.e.: data synthesis, co-creation, etc.).

This will be an interactive session, focused on providing participants skills, tools and resources that they can immediately use in their work.

Date: Thursday, November 3rd, 2022
Time: 4:30PM EAT / 7PM IST / 2:30PM GMT / 8:30AM EST
Register here!