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Welcome to this HCDExchange community learning forum. Here, we, the HCD+ASRH Community of Practice have discussions, debates, and share resources. This platform serves as our virtual playground and global network where we all

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Hello everyone
My name is Justin and i am a Cameroon and i am based in Yaounde Cameroon. It’s a pleasure being admitted into this community. I am so optimistic about my future here

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Hi Justin! I’m Liz, the community manager for the HCDExchange! Big welcome to the community learning forum, and to the wider HCDExchange community!

I’m glad to hear that you are feeling optimistic! I’m curious to know, what brought you to the HCDExchange?

Thank you Liz for the big welcome. I am a Co-founder and Program’s Lead for a local youth centered organization; https://www.youth2youthcameroon.org/ working in a fragile and humanitarian settings in Cameroon. This summer; we’re running a training to raise 100 SRH youth champions and to train 10 media houses on writing and reporting on SRH in fragile and humanitarian settings. (Redirecting...)
Thus, my enthusiasm stems from the fact that i am convinced that this learning platform would provide me opportunities to acquire skills, share best practices and get exposure and networking with other talented youth leaders and organizations.

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