Generating insights on needs and challenges of young women at women's shelter (safe house)

Happy international women’s Day everyone!!!

The main reason I have decided to do my mini project on assessing the needs and challenges of young women living in safe houses is because:

  • Personal motivation: I have always wanted to contribute my share in supporting young women getting different opportunities and achieving their dreams and aspirations. I wanted to use the HCD approach to assess the young women’s dreams and aspirations, their needs and challenges they face while they’re staying at the shelter. I believe these young women need support from different stakeholders and this is why I should come up with different insights from my findings and share it to other people(stakeholders) and create awareness with in the society.

  • Another reason that triggered me is when I met the Director of one of the safe houses and she stated that they would love to have volunteers and support from other people and I was touched by the stories she told.

I believe that the insights from my mini project will help in raising awareness within the community and people would support these young women and help them succeed in life.

I’m exciting to share my project with you all on the 30th of March!


Wow, Eden! Thank you so much for sharing your personal motivation for this project, it’s really inspiring. I can’t wait to learn more about this project and what you learned in the process. Thanks for sharing!

Eden Insights deck.pptx (6.9 MB)
Hey everyone, I’m sharing the insights deck of my project above.