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Hello Liz,

How do I volunteer as part of your network and partnership associate? I am interested in giving support to the secretariat.

Hi Mary,

Great to hear that you are interested in the Youth Leadership Hub openings! The application form is at the bottom of this page https://hcdexchange.org/youth-leadership-hub-2022-application/

Please fill it in and someone from the team will reach out to you if you reach the interview stage.

Thank you again!

Thank you Liz for the quick response. Age does not allow to apply for the YLH positions hence volunteer :grinning:

Good day.

Ohh I see! These roles are specifically for youth! At the moment we don’t have any other volunteer opportunities, but would be interested in knowing what kind of things you are interested in, and a bit about your previous experience?


Thank you Liz,

If you ever need pro bono support, reach out to me.