Why is this important?

What do you need to know about the Framework, and why is it important?

  • The Framework is a flagship and collective sector global good that guides the inclusive and effective practice of HCD to ARSH design and implementation.
  • This is the first key step in moving towards creating a benchmark in a niche and emerging field of practice.
  • This Quality and Standards Framework has been created and validated by experts. It is intended to ultimately be used by new and seasoned practitioners. It has been developed through a strong Community-driven approach by HCDExchange. Experts from the field of practice came together to create the framework.
  • It is the first ever resource to guide investors and funders on high quality HCD+ASRH programming. This will enable existing and potential funders/investors to evaluate the quality and standards of programs.

The Quality Framework was developed and validated by experts from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. It was also developed through a strong community-driven approach by the HCDExchange Community of Practice members. Here is how this took place over the past year, leading up to the launch:

Quality and Standards Framework Timeline

  • February 2021: Initiated scoping study to review evidence to date (via expert interviews with design, public health, evaluation, and funding partners and review of grey and published literature) to understand emerging best practices when applying HCD to ASRH program design and implementation

  • April 2021: Kicked off the Quality and Standards Working group via a community call with the HCDExchange Community of Practice to discuss emerging quality practices of HCD on ASRH program design and implementation

  • April 2021: Released an open call for applications, accompanied by a terms of reference, to join the Quality and Standards Working Group (QSWG)

  • May 2021: Finalized QSWG (10 members in total) with representatives from design, public health, evaluation, and funding agencies, with a mix of youth and adult members across sub Saharan Africa, South Asia, and the US.

  • July 2021: Held a two-day virtual convening with the QSWG and HCDExchange Secretariat to align on the domains of quality of focus, informed by the scoping study and craft principles and tips associated with each domain

  • September 2021: Presented first draft of the framework during a Community call for feedback on principles, tips, and recommended resources

  • September 2021-October 2021: Draft framework was made publicly available for community input on tips and resources open

  • November 2020-December 2021: Finalized framework in partnership with the QSWG