Why are we running this session?

We’ve introduced interactive workshops as a type of session we want to host regularly for the people on our Community who are new to human-centred design and are looking for ways to become more familiar with the concept and grow their skills.

While we don’t necessarily offer training on HCD, what we can do as a Community of Practice is link people with resources and collaborate with community members and design agency partners who have this experience to create practical learning opportunities. We tried this out with three design partners last year for International Youth Day and seeing the success of these sessions made us want to commit to more regular workshops!

So, for our June event, we are focusing on the use of HCD in the research phase of a project. I think this is really timely because we’ve talked about HCD research in a number of our past events, and have heard the question a few times about “what makes HCD research different?” For this session, we wanted to go from theoretical to practical by sharing actual HCD methods and approaches that people can use, to first, illustrate what HCD research looks like, and second, share and practice a few methods that people can use. Our wonderful facilitator, Sanjukta, has set up a great session to do just that!

We plan to host at least 2-3 more sessions like this with different partners over the course of the next year. We’d love to hear if there are specific elements of HCD that would be most helpful to dig into, so please do share your thoughts on what kind of skills or practical learning you’d like to see!