Who is this workshop for?

Who is the workshop for, you might ask?

The workshop has been designed to help curious AYSRH practitioners who are new to HCD to improve their understanding of using human-centered design in the context of adolescent and youth sexual reproductive health programming. It will focus specifically on using HCD methods in the research phase of an AYSRH project.

We want people to come away with a deeper understanding of what makes these methodologies different from traditional AYSRH research, and how they might start trying them in their work.

Already familiar with HCD? Not to worry, this session is still for you! You can still benefit from learning about Dalberg Design’s approach to HCD, and since this session will be very interactive, we encourage people who have HCD+AYSRH experience to share from their own work!

How can you prepare?

  1. Keep checking back here for information that will give you some context on the HCD approach before the workshop. You can start with this one on the key stages/phases in the HCD process - Sanjukta will be sharing a post on Dalberg’s soon too!
  2. Forward the invite to your colleagues and friends who are new to and curious about HCD in the context of AYSRH programming who will benefit from it!
  3. Come ready with a pen and paper, or your notes app on your phone, because we are going to dive into activities to set you all up for dipping your toes into the world of HCD in your work!
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Hi how do you ensure that you support HCD mmebers with stipends to facilitate the inplementation of this initiative?

Hi Charles!

Thanks for the message. We are a community of practice who offers resources and events to members for free, and we are only able to offer these wonderful things based on the generosity of members who volunteer their time to help create them - in this instance, the generosity of our partners at Dalberg Design.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the financial means to offer stipends beyond that, and have limited resources to only compensate the Secretariat team and Youth Leadership Hub who coordinate this project. We hope that these free workshops, trainings, events and learning resources provide enough value to our members that they feel this is fair.

I hope this answers your question!

I understand, looking forward to the workshop. Thank you.

Thanks Charles! Looking forward to having you join!