Who do we speak to with questions on implementing the framework?

This was a great question posed in the launch webinar about who to speak to for questions on implementing the framework:

Q: If there are queries on implementing the framework, who is the go to point of contact? How can we participate in this framework?

The response from the webinar:

Nicole: You can reach out to either Shola or myself or the HCDExchange Secretariat (Muthoni or Liz, or Anne) for any questions that you may have. And we’re just so curious about what your experience is implementing this framework, sharing this framework with your teams. So as much guidance and reflections that you can share there, we would really appreciate it. This is the first iteration of this framework, we hope that it continues to evolve and refine upon itself after all of the months and years of using this framework. We hope that it continues to improve based on your experience, and based on the elements that we can continue to add to it. So please do share your learnings with us.

Shola: I would like to add that we welcome any other suggestions because this is going to be a living document, and we, the quality standards working group do not have all the answers. And so we will definitely seek out responses from you for anything that should be added as we continue to use this framework.