What idea would you love to see prototyped?

Do you have an idea that you think would me amazing if you could just build it? Share your ideas here for the chance to get live prototyping support from TinkerLabs during the session!

Be sure to register and join us on March 21st to get the full experience!

Hi Liz,

Looking forward to the prototyping session on March 21st.

As part of the Youth Leadership Hub, we are currently working on individual learning projects. My project is about menstrual health education amongst young women and girls aged 15-19. Through the Human Centered Design approach, the project intends to identify the gaps and challenges faced by young women and girls as they seek information on menstrual health.

My idea for prototyping?
How can young women access basic menstrual health education that takes into account their privacy ease and convenience?

Prototyping The Youth Corner on the Forum
We currently have 211 youth members within our Community of Practice (CoP), however, very few are active participants within this online space.

HCDExchange is dedicated to increasing both the number of youth members and the amount of youth engagement that takes place in the community as a way to amplify youth voices.

As such, we are seeking to create a vibrant, relevant, inclusive and engaging online space for youth, and in particular, for young designers and practitioners, to connect, learn, and share ideas regarding the use of Human-Centered Design (HCD) in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) projects.

Our problem challenge is as follows: How might we create opportunities for youth within the CoP to engage and contribute to the creation of youth generated content in the forum?


  1. Come up with 3 ideas
  2. Select one idea to prototype
  3. Decide what prototypes need to be developed (eg user journey map, storyboard, physical prototype, role play, etc)
  4. Prototype your idea individually or as part of a team
  5. Share your prototype with the HCDExchange team