What do we do and don't do

What do we do and not do?

The HCDExchange project is dedicated to exploring the challenges, opportunities, realities and magic of integrating human-centered design in adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health programming. We are the only project that is solely focused on collating what projects and practitioners are sharing to make recommendations, reports, and practical resources and guidelines to help support the growth and mainstreaming of this field of practice.

The approach that we have built for doing this is a Community of Practice. While we don’t directly run our own HCD+ASRH projects, we lead the community and work towards a learning agenda.

What we don’t do:

  • We are not an implementing project: We do not have any active HCD+ASRH projects in implementation. Our team and project are solely dedicated to running the Community of Practice and advancing our learning work.
  • We are not a training body: While we do try to build skills and familiarity on both HCD and ASRH topics, we do this through collaborative events with HCDExchange member organizations.
  • We are not evangelists for the use of HCD over other community participatory approaches: We are here to explore and learn, and share our learnings with a community of interested stakeholders. We believe that HCD is one of many inclusive and effective approaches to meaningfully engaging project participants, and our goal is to provide practitioners with guidance on when to use HCD versus other approaches and how to do it well , so that practitioners can make informed decisions and implement quality HCD.