What are the dangers of focusing on impact without scale in mind?

Question: With human centered design, you are really focusing on the best outcome and on designing something that feels feasible, desirable and sustainable as well as the impact for your specific user group. What are the dangers of focusing on impact without focusing on scale?

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Answer From: Alice Metcalf, Senior Consultant, Spring Impact
I don't see it being like a huge danger. I just see it as like there's potential to be
having a greater impact. So I think that's where that initial. The 2 mindset shifts
come into play here; to be thinking about the problem that you seek to address, and
how you can address that problem at scale. So being really rooted in impact is the
most important thing that social sector organizations can do. And hopefully,
thinking about scale is provoking the thought of wether what we're doing is enough
to have a real impact on the size of the problem that exists, and if not, what more
could we be doing to try and get closer to that.