Vihara Innovation Network - Overview

Vihara Innovation Network is an India-based learning, innovation and Implementation Agency that has worked across 21 countries in the global south on Health and Wellbeing programs using techniques of behavioral science, human centered design and prototyping.

With our human centered contextually rooted interventions we have driven hard outcomes like service coverage, footfall into service sites, user demand for services, quality of care, trust amongst service providers and beneficiaries in areas of MNCH, Family Planning, Routine Immunization and Vaccine Immunization.

We have recently taken a turn from undertaking standalone design projects to working in an embedded fashion with partners undertaking last mile integration of behavioural learning, human centered design, rapid prototyping with ground implementation to ensure outcomes. We call this outcome oriented implementation optimization and are working with health NGOs in India. It is one of the first design and innovation agencies who is taking responsibility for boosting desired outcomes and willing to accept outcome based payments.

HCDExchange partnered with Vihara to lead the Measurement and Evaluation Working Group in conducting the first landscape analysis on measurement and evaluation as applied in HCD+ASRH programming. The main purpose of this report is to review and present existing literature in this emerging field and learn from the nature of experiences. Watch this space as we will be sharing these soon!