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Get to know me!

My name is Belindar Kwamboka Momanyi. I hold a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Technical University of Mombasa, Kenya. I’m a writer, social media planner, and communication professional, currently working with HCDExchange as the Communication and Social Media Associate.

In my role at HCDExchange, I support the dissemination efforts of the organisation by leveraging my knowledge on social media best practices to plan social media content and campaigns, oversee engagement on the social channels and actively disseminate communication material. Additionally, I actively engage in community outreach programs within the community engagement.

I spend my free time creating personal growth and development content on my blog. To me, writing is like yoga: a guilty pleasure that helps me align my ‘chi’ . It’s something I do to re-align my thoughts. Before you start guessing, I’m your typical introvert girl. That’s until I take sweet treats like chocolates and I’m all smiley (the cheeky smiles) with thousands of stories, when the sugar rush kicks in :wink:.

My motivation
I’m always scared of cruising through life like a headless chicken. This is why I’m deliberate with creating meaningful connections with people. Indeed, I stand guided by Tim Sanders; ‘Your network is your net worth.’ Through virtual communities like this one, it’s my hope that through our engagements and interactions, we will learn, unlearn and relearn the best ways to program, implement and communicate approaches in a user-centered approach.


The case of the Podcast

I have been working on the editing notes for the remaining podcast episodes. I have noted that populating editing notes for a raw audio is not one of the interesting tasks in the communications docket. This is especially challenging when the podcast guests have background noise, lots of filler words, incoherent speech and loosing line of thought mid way. Thus populating the editing copy, minute to minute, is not time efficient.

Perhaps it would be time efficient to edit the raw audio from the recording and give the editor a clean copy to insert the intro and outro; rather than updating editing notes.

What can I do better?

  • Build capacity to edit audios to save time on updating editing notes.
  • Train podcast host on the best practice of recording a quality podcast and remind them to treat the recording as a live episode. This way less time will be taken in the production stage.

Of Lit Social Media Discussions and Strides

I kid you not, this morning I found myself performing a giddy on-air fist bump and a happy, but shy dance :wink:. I couldn’t wait to write down our small, but mighty win on our social media. This week, Reshmi and I had a rethink of the language we use on social media, the tone of our messages and the general approach to messaging on that front. We agreed to use an accessible, simple, concise, and clear messaging format so that our audience can clearly see what the key focus for a particular post is.

By using this new approach, I have noted an increase in organic engagements on the HCDX Twitter and LinkedIn. For instance, this promotional post that went out on April 12, we had two new people commenting, saying that they are looking forward to the webinar. These people are not members of the CoP and neither has HCDX interacted with them before. This is a core point to note because it shows that we are now slowly starting to appeal to new audiences who are finding HCDX content interesting and engaging.

Fast forward to the live-tweeting session for Measuring a ‘Moving Target’ Webinar, I literally watched our Twitter page go on fire! Apart from the retweets and likes our Tweets received from our institutional partners Adolescents 360, Vihara Innovation Network, YLabs, we managed to attract the attention of other large institutional partners; Center for Applied Behavioral Science (CABS) and Knowledge Success who engaged with our Tweets. This is in addition to having new people retweeting and liking our Tweets.

Why is this Engagement an Important Thing?
Content development takes an insane amount of time. As such, we are continuously moving towards the mindset of having our users at the center of the messages we are putting out. We are trying to envision user habits and mannerisms so as to inform better practice from our communication efforts.

With that being said, communication is really effective on social media when we receive a preferable action from our audience. Thus witnessing such insane amount of engagement is a step on the right direction. I’m convinced that we have managed to hack the language and tone for our digital communications.

However, we recognise that social media is a volatile space, and we will need to adjust our approach to fit new digital trends. We also note that we have a long way to go in our communication outreach efforts but are comforted that we are biting small chunks and being realistic with our goals.

I have this small mantra with the Community team; ‘focus on the process, nail the process, the end result is not an informant of no progress, rather a consequence of the process.’ So go yee and nail the process first!

Do have a cheerful Easter holiday folks :hugs:

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