Trauma-Informed Design

Might be useful to some: Rachael Dietkus 'Exploring what it means to be trauma-informed in design' - This is HCD - Human Centered Design Podcast -

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I keep hearing about trauma-informed design lately, especially from the health equity organization ETR. I heard from a team member that they really found in necessary to equip their designers with the skills and techniques for supporting young people who have experienced trauma and are sharing about their lived experiences, particularly around SRH topics. Here are a couple of other resources from them that I’ve found interesting when I’ve researched it a bit more:

The Case for Trauma-Informed Youth Centered Health Design (TIYCHD)


Hi Liz! Thank you for sharing! I have been leading the trauma-informed youth-centered design (TIYCHD) work at ETR. Would love to connect with others doing this work.

Hi @stephanie.guinosso ! Big welcome to the Community, and to the discussion forum!

It’s so cool that I shared out this resource and how the person leading the TIYCD work is here connecting!

This resonated so much with me when I first heard about it, and how it sort of came to be, in response to the needs of the young people and the designers who were working with them. Especially around sexual and reproductive health work, which is already so private, stigmatized, and difficult to speak about, there is potential for triggering traumatic lived experiences.

Please do share out any new resources or findings if they come out - it would be so great to keep deepening our understand of the trauma-informed lens as we continue to explore the intersection of design and AYSRH. As the field of practice continues to grow, so will these important nuances.

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