Prototyping workshop with youth from A360

Before the webinar, we’ll be hosting a workshop with 9 youth participants from Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Tanzania to prototype ideas for how to shape and share A360 evaluation results. In this thread, we’ll share updates about how it went and why we decided to use a prototyping approach vs. a focus group or open brainstorm.

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Hi all! We are so excited to share the prototypes that came from the workshop two weeks ago. As we mentioned during the webinar, we decided to do a prototyping workshop to land on something tangible and concrete that could potentially be tested out. We had two rooms with different sets of messages:

  • Messages for young designers
  • Messages for young evaluators

Each breakout room took those messages and crafted their prototypes based on who/what/where/when/how they thought they could best reach those two audiences. Check out these posts with details on each workshop room:

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