Prototype: evaluation findings for young evaluators

During this session, a group of 3 young evaluators from the A360 project team came together to create prototypes to answer the question: "How might we share the evaluation results with young evaluators?

They used these three key messages from the A360 process evaluation to centre around what content they would be sharing:

  • An external process evaluation can add value by: systematically documenting processes and adaptations; providing deep, rich and rigorous insights; creating opportunities for learning; and validating implementer knowledge.If the program is flexible and adaptive, the evaluation needs to be too!
  • Insights are deeper where evaluations can harness the value of triangulating qualitative and quantitative data, including participatory methods. Evaluators need to be ‘in the room’ at key moments and able to access data and documents easily.
  • Evaluators need the time, resources and skills to invest in relationships, facilitation and communication, not just research skills. And implementers need the time and willingness to reflect and learn.

One of the key messages that they narrowed in on what the idea of the evaluators needing to be in the room with the implementers and other project partners in order to get all of the context and learnings that other partners get in their work. They also noted that young evaluators, and young audiences in general aren’t looking at peer-reviewed journals and we might need to leverage other platforms like LinkedIn to share this kind of information!

Take a look at the full workshop notes here!