Principle 3: Develop and implement safeguarding plans for young people

Please use this thread to discuss your experiences, challenges, and successes with Principle 3 in your current work, and how you hope to use it in your future work! How can we work and advocate to ensure we are achieving this principle in our programs?

Explanation: Project teams should engage young people in a safe and ethical manner, paying particular attention to differentials in power and agency between young research participants, youth team members, and adult team members due to factors such as age, socioeconomic status, language, and education levels. Those commissioning, conducting, and funding HCD for ASRH have a shared responsibility to protect the safety, dignity, and wellbeing of young people, as research participants, as team members, and as intended users of the program being designed and/or evaluated. The focus on ethics and safeguarding requires intentional training, planning, protocol development, and preparation throughout the HCD process for young research participants, youth team members, and users.

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