Part 2: Scaling up HCD solutions masterclass

Part 2: Scaling up HCD solutions masterclass

Join us for the second part of our series on scaling up HCD solutions, in partnership with Spring Impact. This session will be an interactive skills-building session to help practitioners to think about both scaling up HCD solutions and using the principles and approaches of HCD to support their scale-up efforts. See you Feb 15th for this engaging masterclass!

Date: February 15th, 2023
Time: 5PM EAT / 7:30PM IST / 2PM GMT / 9AM EST
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In this thread, we’ll share the speaker info, recordings and the slides after the event!

We wanted to make sure that the next part of this series was driven by what our communities members would value most. Last week we put out a survey to members of the HCDExchange to let us know what they’d like to see from the second part of this series.

Just for full transparency, here are the results of that survey!

We’re moving forward with a skills-building session and will use discussion and questions in the first part webinar to make sure we’re focusing on the right skills for this session!

Speaker bios

Nora Dettor, Spring Impact Director of Capacity Building

Nora is the Director of Capacity Building. She leads Spring Impact’s work to demystify scaling and build the sector’s knowledge and ability to scale successfully through practical tools and training.

Since joining Spring Impact in January 2020, Nora has supported a range of partners on their journey to scale, both national and international, across a range of sectors.

Nora joined Spring Impact in January 2020 after leading the digital transformation of Clore Social Leadership to help develop leaders in the social sector. Prior to this she worked at Elrha supporting organisations to develop and scale Humanitarian Innovations as manager of the Accelerating the Journey to Scale programme and the Gender Based Violence programme. Prior to this, Nora co-founded the Swedish nonprofit Agenda: Jämlikhet, a digital platform that makes it easier for people to take action for equality. She also facilitated The Human Rights Lab, bringing together people from the non-profit sector with business and tech people to develop solutions to Human Rights issues.


Alice Metcalf, Spring Impact Senior Consultant

Alice is leading and supporting on the delivery of projects, both national and international across a range of sectors. Current projects include working with CHDC, a research institute based in Uganda, to scale the impact of ‘Parenting for Respectability’, a community-based parenting intervention focused on reducing Violence against Children in Uganda, making it accessible to every parent in Uganda.

Alice is also working closely with funder Sport England to manage our 3-year partnership to support grantees of Sport England’s volunteering fund to replicate their solutions. Through this partnership, Alice is working directly with Active Life to scale She’s Ready, a movement of women empowering women to become more active in their communities.

Previously at Spring Impact Alice has supported organisations in the UK health and education sectors, including working with Reach Foundation to explore using a MAT model to replicate the enormous impact their all-through school in Feltham has achieved, and IRISi to pilot their social franchise model for IRIS, a specialist domestic violence and abuse (DVA) training, support and referral programme for General Practices.

Before joining Spring Impact, Alice worked within the International Secretariat at Penny Appeal, a non-profit that provides poverty relief across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Alice provided support to the international offices in implementing Penny Appeal’s global strategy, facilitating the expansion of the charity.

Hi everyone - looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday! For those new to part 2 of this webinar series, I’m Iulia - Marketing and Comms Manager at Spring Impact. I wanted to share a few resources for reference ahead of the webinar, to help you get a better sense of what we’ll be covering on the day. Please find some links in the thread below, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions beforehand.

  • The Sweet Spot for Scale - a tool designed to help you critically assess the scalability of your solution by ensuring it has impact, value and sustainability baked into it. We’ll work through this tool together during the webinar, sharing case studies and exercises to help you gain a better sense of how to apply it to your solutions.

  • Identifying risky assumptions tool - impact at scale is only possible when your solution, scale strategy and model is validated through real-world testing. We’ll discuss how you can practically use this framework to identify - and later test - the assumptions that underpin your strategy, model, and/or solution.

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You can also check out this case study for insights on how Centrs Dardedze found the ‘sweet spot’ between the value, impact, and sustainability of their programme so they can scale up sustainably →

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To build on this topic, we had the pleasure of speaking in-depth with Nora in a Learning & Reflection session. Learn more about her experience bridging HCD and scale up mindsets, and stories from her work building capacity of project teams in their scale-up journeys, in particular working with governments.


Hi all! Thanks so much to everyone who joined in the session this week! As promised, we’re sharing the slides and the recording below:

Slide deck:

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