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This is a great brief on how/when to use HCD in Family Planning (FP) interventions, particularly social behavior change (SBC) FP interventions. This is a cool one if you’re curious about the intersection/complementarity of HCD and SBC, which I have been lately, and is written in a way that is actually meant for people to understand and use! They’ve compiled an annex of “evidence snapshots” which are brief case studies on HCD+SBC FP projects. It’s from 2020, but it’s aged well and the topic is still relevant today.

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Disability Inclusive Sexual and Reproductive Health

"A panel event featuring speakers from development organisations, research partners, and Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPD) from the Inclusive Futures programme.

Join speakers from BBC Media Action, Humanity & Inclusion, Network of Disabled Women – Nigeria, Sightsavers, and Social Development Direct, sharing experience, evidence and stories from the ‘Inclusive Futures’ programme, about disability inclusion and sexual and reproductive health.

Thursday, Jan 19th, 2023
*9-10.30am UK time / 12-1.30PM Nairobi time / 14.45-16.15PM Kathmandu time. *
Register here."

Note: There might not be a direct link to HCD in this webinar, but disability inclusion is a big opportunity for approaches like HCD to ensure centering on the needs and desires of people with disabilities within the context of SRHR programming!

Webinar: SRHR for UHC Webinar: What Young People Want

"The YIELD Hub, would like to invite you to our first-ever webinar SRHR for Universal Health Coverage: What Youth Want on Thursday, 19th January at 4:00 PM CET.

During this webinar, we hope to demonstrate the need for improved youth partnership within the adolescent and youth SRHR (Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights) ecosystem to create lasting change; exploring why youth partnership is critical to the achievement of UHC goals.

Further, we will endeavour to dissect how action learning can enrich the Adolescent and Youth SRHR ecosystem leading to better health outcomes; which will no doubt bring us one step closer to Universal Health Coverage.

Join this exciting discussion and share your thoughts on how #YouthPartnership can advance the achievement of Global UHC Goals.

Speakers include:

** Dr. Shakira Choonara: SRHR Thematic Lead, UN Women*
** Lucy Fagan: Policy Officer, Major Group for Children and Youth*
** Maziko Matemvu: Vice-Chair, Adolescents and Youth Constituency PMNCH*
** Richard Dzikunu: Action Learning Groups Lead, YIELD Hub*
** David Imbago: Manager, YIELD Hub (moderator)*

Register here: Meeting Registration - Zoom

The webinar will include English, Spanish, and French interpretation and will be recorded."

Provider Behavior Change Webinar: An SBC Approach to Quality of Care in Family Planning

Join Breakthrough RESEARCH for its first interactive legacy and learning event on 31 January at 9 am EST!

Breakthrough RESEARCH, USAID’s flagship social and behavior change (SBC) research and evaluation project to drive the generation, packaging, and use of innovative SBC research to inform programming, invites you to the first of four interactive legacy and learning events. To kick off the series, the first event on provider behavior change (PBC) highlights evidence, insights, and learnings over the life of the project to advance PBC programming and fill critical PBC evidence gaps. PBC, an SBC approach to improving quality of care in family planning, addresses behavioral antecedents and has the potential to result in multiple impacts at individual, community, and system levels.

During this webinar we will:

  • Explore key PBC insights from Breakthrough RESEARCH.
  • Learn about some of the state-of-the-art PBC evidence Breakthrough RESEARCH has generated.
  • Discover tools you can use to strengthen PBC programming and measurement.
  • Find calls to action to continue to advance evidence-based PBC programming.

Register here!

Rejoignez Breakthrough RESEARCH pour son premier événement interactif sur la capitalisation sur les connaissances et l’apprentissage le 31 janvier à 14 h GMT !

Breakthrough RESEARCH, le projet phare de recherche et d’évaluation sur le changement social et de comportement (CSC) de l’USAID vise à stimuler la génération, la présentation et l’utilisation de recherches innovantes sur le CSC pour éclairer la programmation. Nous vous invitons au premier des quatre événements interactifs sur la capitalisation sur les connaissances et l’apprentissage.

Pour lancer la série, le premier événement sur le changement de comportement des prestataires (CCP) met en lumière les preuves, les idées et les apprentissages tout au long du projet pour faire progresser la programmation CCP et combler les lacunes critiques en matière de preuves CCP. La CCP, une approche CSC visant à améliorer la qualité des soins en matière de planification familiale, s’attaque aux antécédents comportementaux et au potentiel d’avoir de multiples impacts aux niveaux individuel, communautaire et systémique.

Au cours de ce webinaire, nous allons :

  • Explorer les principales informations CCP de Breakthrough RESEARCH.
  • Apprendre sur certaines des preuves de pointe de la CCP que Breakthrough RESEARCH a générées.
  • Découvrir les outils que vous pouvez utiliser pour renforcer la programmation et la mesure du CCP.
  • Trouver des appels à l’action pour continuer à faire progresser la programmation CCP fondée sur des preuves.


Global Fund for Women is looking for young feminist activists to join the Adolescent Girls Advisory Council (AGAC)

"Global Fund for Women wants to ensure that the needs, ideas, and solutions of girls—cis, transgender, and gender non-conforming—are at the center of our work and governance. We firmly believe that girls are experts of their own lives. Who else are the best guides to shape our girl-focused work than girls themselves!

The Adolescent Girls Advisory Council (AGAC) plays a critical role in finding, funding, and amplifying girl-led groups and expanding their leadership, activism, and movement-building.

Working with AGAC in a participatory grantmaking process is a vital example of living up to our values of shifting power."

Eligibility requirements:

  • From: Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, or Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Between the ages of 10 - 17 years
  • A young feminist with functional spoken and written skills in English
  • Committed and passionate about social justice
  • Ready to use your voice and take action to bring about change
  • Believe in a world where everyone should be treated equally and fairly, a world where girls’ and women’s rights matter and are respected and upheld
  • Willing to be part of the Adolescent Girls Advisory Council for a minimum period of two years

Find out more & apply here

Youth Advisory Councils are one of the important elements of the youth engagement and youth integration work we promote in quality HCD + AYSRH work. Our Voices spoke to project team members and participants of three youth advisory councils to get a sense of their experience in the context of research focusing on adolescent health, gender and violence.

This article covers key considerations when working with youth advisors, how young people were involved in the research process, and some key themes including boundaries, building connection, and renumeration for work.

Great article here: What it’s like working with - and being part of - youth advisory groups in the context of research focussing on adolescent health, gender and violence | Our Voices

PS: here is a past Forum thread on the same topic previously

Call for Applications: Action Learning Groups

"In 2022, we launched the YIELD Hub - an initiative that aims to improve young people’s partnership in Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (AYSRHR) by facilitating collective action learning processes and influencing norm change.

The same year, we ran our first-ever Action Learning Group (ALG) to help cultivate a norm where gender equity is prioritised when engaging young people in AYSRHR. Our second ALG just launched and focuses on the Measurement of Youth Partnership.

We are now opening applications for three concurrent ALGs that would cover the following topics:

1. Compensating Youth Work : What does compensation look like and what processes does that involve?
2. Capacity Development For Youth Transition : How can organizations support youth leaders to age up and not out?
3. Finding, Engaging, and Sustaining New Generations of Youth Leaders : How to identify, recruit and engage young people, in all their diversity, in SRHR efforts across the ecosystem?

Whether you are a funder, researcher, implementer, INGO, or youth-led organizations, we invite you to apply to join the upcoming action learning groups. Applications close on the 3rd of March."

Learn more & apply

Share content about gender and FP/RH programs and you could be a winner!

International Women’s Day is coming up on March 8th, and to mark the day, we have a fun #GenderChallenge for you!

Gender is a key determinant to accessing FP/RH services and information, and the journey to build a more gender-equitable world is a critical part of the family planning field’s work.

So what is the FP insight #GenderChallenge?

We are calling all FP/RH professionals to help us build a library of resources on FP insight that focus on gender dynamics and FP/RH programming.

#GenderChallenge Rules

The rules are simple:

  1. Create an FP insight Collection pertaining to gender and FP/RH.
  2. Your collection must have a related title and a description.
  3. Your collection must have a minimum of 6 gender-related resources.

And all collections must be finalized by Monday, March 6th at 7 AM EST .

I’m ready to take the #GenderChallenge!

Share content about gender and FP/RH programs and you could be a winner!

La Journée internationale de la femme aura lieu le 8 mars et, pour marquer cette journée, nous vous proposons un défi #GenderChallenge amusant !

Le genre est un facteur déterminant dans l’accès aux services et aux informations de PF/SR, et la construction d’un monde plus équitable sur le plan du genre est une partie essentielle du travail du domaine du planning familial.

Qu’est-ce que le FP insight #GenderChallenge ?

Nous appelons tous les professionnels de la PF/SR à nous aider à construire une bibliothèque de ressources sur FP insight qui se concentrent sur les dynamiques de genre et la programmation de la PF/SR.

#GenderChallenge Rules

Les règles sont simples:

  1. Créer une collection sur FP insight relative au genre et à la PF/SR.
  2. Votre collection doit avoir un titre connexe et une description.
  3. Votre collection doit comporter un minimum de 6 ressources liées au genre.

Toutes les collectes doivent être finalisées avant

le lundi 6 mars à 12h (WAT)

Je suis prêt à relever le #GenderChallenge!

YLabs is hiring a Project Lead for their CyberRwanda project!

The Project Lead will support the scale-up and impact of YLabs’ flagship initiative, CyberRwanda, a digital health intervention to support adolescent health and opportunity. They will spearhead the development of a scale-up strategy in Rwanda, setting clear priorities and targets for the team. They’ll advance national and regional partnerships with a variety of stakeholders including YLabs’ government and NGO partners, and donor agencies, identifying potential partners and opportunities to support scale.

The ideal candidate will be excited to work with a innovative and passionate interdisciplinary team of designers and public health professionals to address some of the biggest challenges facing young people globally. Our ideal profile is someone who has has significant experience launching, scaling, marketing, and measuring digital interventions in Africa. They are adaptable, creative, and results-focused.

This person should also have a demonstrated track record of using marketing and communications as a tool to reach young audiences, ideally in an African context. They’ll be a collaborative and charismatic leader, with strong people management skills, providing leadership to our growing project team. The Project Lead will also support the recruitment and development of new talent for the project and ensure quality of work across our design, marketing, and research teams.

This role is based out of YLabs’ office in Kigali Rwanda (hybrid working). Relocation benefits are provided for this role.


What Young People Want: Mobilizer Training

February 28, 2023 8:30 - 9:30am ET / 2:30 - 3:30pm CET

There are 1.8 billion adolescents and youth (10-24 years old) around the world today whose needs are not being met. Young people are coming together to speak out for their needs and priorities. We’re supporting the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health’s 1.8 Billion Young People for Change campaign by asking young people from all over about their needs, challenges, and ambitions. We want you to join us as a mobilizer!

During this training, attendees will have an opportunity to learn about the larger campaign and get trained as a mobilizer to ask young people in your community about their needs. You will learn techniques to create a community outreach plan that outlines who to approach, how to identify partners, how to ask potential participants and more.


Join JSI’s International Women’s Day Webinar

Come get inspired this International Women’s Day as adolescent girls and young women from Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe share their experiences participating in JSI and World Education programs with support from USAID. Learn about the challenges they have overcome, their plans for the future, and what they think African women need to achieve equity in their personal and professional lives.

Join us on Wednesday, March 8 at 8:30-9:30 AM EST, 3:30-4:30 PM CAT
Register here

Last week, HealthTech 4 Medicaid hosted a community workshop on how to better their Equitable and Inclusive Design Council framework, which will serve as an arc of their programing to further address the exclusionary systemic barriers of product, service, delivery system, capital market, and narrative change designs within the Medicaid ecosystem.

While we typically focus on HCD in AYSRH programs, especially those based in sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia, the key take-aways from this session felt quite universal :

  • Using grounded language that is appropriate, specific, and inclusive for the demographics of people we plan to design with.

  • Recognizing that our audience will vary greatly depending on where we focus our work, and therefore a strong yet flexible communication outreach strategy is needed.

  • Creating spaces for people to feel identified and included is critical.

  • Diving into what co-design versus co-production or co-creation could look like to ensure meaningful collaboration every step of the way.

HealthTech 4 Medicaid’s Design Our Design Workshop.pdf (5.2 MB)

Applications open for CORE Group’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) Mentorship Program!

CORE Group’s Young Professionals Network formally engages and supports future innovators of global community health and international development. YPN fosters engagement, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and career development among our young professionals. The Network welcomes 21-35 year old students, interns, or early career professionals.

MENTORS must be CORE Group organizational members or individual members. They must have at least 3 years work experience in the field of global community health, and/or other areas in international development. Joining the program as a mentor is a rewarding opportunity to leverage your network and expertise to help young professionals with career growth and professional skills building.

MENTEES must be CORE Group organizational members, individual members, or student members. They are interns, early career professionals, or those looking for a career change. Joining the program as a mentee is an opportunity to gain and/or improve professional skills such as networking, resume and cover letter writing. Please note that space is limited and placement in the program is not guaranteed.

For more information, review our program details.

To become a member, view our membership page.

We are now accepting MENTOR and MENTEE applications:

Applications are due April 19, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST.

Shujaaz has launched an open-source database of Kenyan Youth Trends

Based on over 7 years of data collected from over 13,000 interviews with 15-24 year old Kenyan youth, Shujaaz has launch an incredible database of insights across:

  • Income & work
  • Sex & relationships
  • Governance & community
  • Visions for their futures (AKA On the Horizon)

They visualize this data in a really user-friendly way to tell the story of how perspectives and experiences have changed and evolved overtime and where they stand now.

Check it out here!

USAID Kijana Nahodha: Social Impact Accelerator accepting proposals!

A new USAID-funded project, Kijana Nadoha, has opened up a funding opportunity for youth-led initiatives, implemented by YLabs, T-MARC, Care Tanzania and the Tanzanian Youth Coalition.

See the details below!

Do you have an innovative solution to improve the well-being and livelihoods of Tanzanian youth?


  • You work for a youth-led, youth-serving organisation
  • You are a young person between 18-35 years old
  • You are based in either Dar es Salaam (Temeke, Kigamboni, Ilala), Morogoro (Mvomero, Morogoro MC, Morogoro DC), or Zanzibar (Unguja, Pemba)


  • $20,000 USD in grant funding to five selected organisations
  • Intensive mentorship and hands-on skills training in human-centred design, prototyping, monitoring and evaluation, impact, and business modelling
  • Connection to mentors, experts, and coaches
  • Opportunity to make an in-person pitch of your evolved solution to a panel of expert judges at the Kijana Nahodha Innovation Lab



See the link source here: USAID Kijana Nahodha: Social Impact Accelerator — YLabs

The UNICEF Safer Chatbots summary guide outlines 6 steps for providers of chatbots that are not powered by AI, for programming the detection of individual keywords indicative of a high-risk situation, the deployment of a global ‘safe word’ users can type at any time, and a series of compassionate response messages along with contact details for reliable referral services.

HCDExchange has launched a new resource on MYE!

Increasing youth engagement in AYSRH programming has the potential to create programs that better meet the needs and preferences of young people which can ultimately result in better outcomes. :ballot_box_with_check:

Human-centered design (HCD) offers a powerful framework to engage young people in the design and implementation of ASRH programming, but there has been little documentation of the role that HCD can play in increasing the engagement of young people to date. :face_with_peeking_eye:

HCDExchange is thrilled to announce a new resource that describes how HCD has been employed to enhance youth engagement in the design, implementation, refinement, and evaluation of ASRH programming. The brief is based on a rapid literature review and key informant interviews. Check it out on our website - we hope you enjoy it! :partying_face:


Future of Sex Ed Global Convening hosted by YLabs

Join the Future of Sex Ed: Global Convening – a virtual event bringing together young people, implementing and advocacy organizations, UN agencies, journalists, funders, and the private sector to explore what the future of pleasure-based, youth-driven sex education could be.

This interactive and virtual event will present the Future of Sex Ed Global Consultation: a one-of-a-kind, mixed-methods research study of over 12,000 young people in Nigeria, El Salvador, India, and the US. We’ll also showcase innovations from leading organizations working to prioritize pleasure, consent, and respect for diverse sexual and gender identities in sex education programming.

Whether you are an experienced educator, a policymaker driving sex education policy, or a student or activist advocating for better sex education for all, we invite you to apply to join the Global Convening on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

Join us for learning, collaboration, and inspiration as we explore the Future of Sex Ed. Apply by Friday, May 5th to secure your spot, and help shape the future of sex education for generations to come!

Apply Now!


TinkerLabs is hiring a Design Strategist!

The Role

"We are looking for a problem solver who believes in working closely with the community to generate solutions that bubble up from below rather than being imposed from the top. You will be a core member of TinkerLabs’ Social Impact Practice and will be responsible for leading research and design consulting projects, and creating proposals for the same.

We operate as a young, dynamic, fast-paced and agile start-up where every member of the team takes on diverse responsibilities. Your core responsibilities on the role would be divided into two parts:

Project Delivery (~70% bandwidth): Work closely with the Chief Behaviour Design Officer and take charge of

  • Managing execution of the TinkerLabs’ Behaviour Design process on fast-paced consulting projects** - including planning and executing design research, mapping and synthesising behaviours, ideating simple solutions and testing prototypes- using contextually relevant fit-for-purpose methods, and anticipating the need to change plans and propose alternatives where necessary*
  • Leading small teams and managing diverse stakeholders** - mentoring and collaborating with junior to mid level design researchers and visual or product designers, and meeting expectations of diverse stakeholders including donors, implementers, researchers and other decision-makers*
  • Ensuring high quality project deliverables** - easy to understand reports, and implementation (or next-step) ready final assets*
  • Clearly communicating a compelling and concise narrative** - the process, decisions, insights and interventions to internal and external stakeholders to get necessary inputs and buy-in*
  • Facilitating participatory workshops** - remotely or in person, ensuring sessions are interactive and recognising the experience and interests of collaborators*

Building the Social Impact Practice (~30% bandwidth): Support the Head of Social Impact Practice and the CEO in:

  • Developing technical approach notes** or work plans for proposed work in response to Requests for Proposals and client requirements*
  • Reaching out to and networking with relevant stakeholders** like donors, non-profit organizations, government officials, implementation agencies at in-person conferences or virtual settings to explore synergies for collaboration*

Required Experience:

  • You have led design research for 4-6 projects in a professional team setting.
  • You have led concept development for 4-6 projects in a professional team setting.
  • You have experience communicating processes, insights and interventions effectively and clearly to non-design stakeholders.
  • You have experience delivering fast-paced projects in tight timelines.
  • You have experience adjusting quickly when things don’t go according to plan.
  • You have experience developing approach notes or work plans for proposed work.

Join Creative Reaction Lab’s Equity Design Challenge and Create Equitable Outcomes

At Creative Reaction Lab, we believe that everybody is a designer and that design is not restricted to people who have pursued design as a career path. We all have the power to influence outcomes.

If you’re tired of typical check-the-box approaches to equity and want to deepen your understanding of workplace culture and build actionable steps with your teammates, then we have an exciting opportunity for you.

Register Now to move Beyond the Checkbox!

From May 30th - June 1st, we’re hosting a virtual interactive design challenge where you will dive into topics such as what is culture, how to develop a power analysis, and what does co-creating culture shift mean? This challenge will support your organization in moving from standard DEI checkbox initiatives into creating an action plan for culture change that you can bring to your team and organization.

During this 3-day challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to work in teams to prototype what culture change can look like in your organization. Our interactive sessions will cover topics such as white supremacy culture in the workplace, using power to create change, building collaborative processes and more. We highly recommend signing up as a team, so that you can collaborate on ideas during the challenge!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to create equitable outcomes in your organization. Register today to secure your spot at Creative Reaction Lab’s Design Challenge Series.

Register Today to create an action plan for culture change!