More about Jariatu and Tar Kura

About Jariatu!

We’re so pleased to be hearing from Jariatu in this discussion! Jariatu Sillah is a youth and child activist based in Sierra Leone. She is currently working as a youth panellist for the Takura Initiative, a participatory grant-making pilot that puts children and youth at the centre, launched by Purposeful and the Fund for Global Human Rights. She is one of 10 young people who defined the terms for this new funding approach and allocated small grants to community-based initiatives in Sierra Leone mainly focused on increasing entrepreneurship opportunities for youth.

She has previously attended the Pan African Youth Program in the United States in 2017, and has served as the National President for the Girl Child Network, and the president of Future Hope.

About Purposeful & Tar Kura!

Purposeful and the Fund for Global Human Rights partnered together to co-design and pilot ‘Tar Kura’ (meaning new fire), a participatory grant-making initiative in Sierra Leone. The fire that the initiative aims to ignite in children and young people by placing them at the centre of children’s rights grant-making, programme implementation, and learning. Through this work, they engaged 10 youth panellists representing all regions of the country. Grants were between $3,000 - $5,000 over 6 - 12 months, and supported initiatives designed by young people, covering everything from illiteracy and gender-based violence, to photography, graphic design and fashion!

You can learn more about this novel project here!

You can also learn more about Purposeful’s approach to funding with and for girls, here!