Insights generation and use in HCD+ASRH - when does it happen?

Insights generation in HCD+ASRH does not happen at a singular point in the process of developing a solution. In fact it happens across the various phases of the HCD process! Since the HCD approach encourages continuous learning, insights are generated all through, from the beginning of the process (at the inspiration phase) to the end (Implementation phase).

The benefit of this is that it allows practitioners to have multiple touch points with the young people who will be using the solutions, and stakeholders who will be involved in making the solution a reality. They can constantly check in with young people and stakeholders on whether a solution works for them, and if not, how it might be tweaked to make it more desirable and feasible. Every time there is an interaction between the practitioners and the users of the solution insights are generated and since that happens all through the process, insights emerge and evolve through the entirety of the HCD process.

The below diagram goes into a little more detail on the various kinds of insights that might emerge at different phases of the HCD process.


The previous post highlights that insights are generated across the entirety of the HCD process. It is also crucial to note that alongside generating these insights, HCD provides structures and ways in which insights are used to inform solution development. Insights are reframed to nudge ideas, reframe the thinking of practitioners, inform prototypes of solutions, and help adapt the solution to fit the context of the young person more appropriately.

The diagram below provides a more detailed view of ways in which insights are used at different stages of the HCD process.