How should we fund ASRH projects differently, with this framework?

A great question that came in from the audience during the launch event around how funder could integrate the framework:

Q: Based on this framework, how would you fund AYSRH programs differently? Also, what would you encourage other donors to do?

Dr. Tracy Johnson: At least from my side, I am trying to make more space within funding and timeline for the bringing together of different disciplines (principle 7) to ensure that we are being aware of the changing lives of adolescents (and in some cases other vulnerable populations as well). By expressing our commitment to the framework, we also understand that what comes with that is that there’s going to probably be necessary changes in how we structure and resource such projects. It will take more time, more opportunity to pause and reflect as to whether we are being true to the principles, and the opportunity to pivot if and when appropriate. And that’s something I look forward to working with you all to see how we can make those changes in the most productive way possible.