How have you seen organizations mitigate reach versus quality?

Question: How have you seen organizations mitigate reach versus quality?

We want to deliver something that’s really high quality, and when we know it’s
going to be impactful. But we also have pressures to be reaching more people.

So I think that where this question of deciding where we want to sit in the
spectrum is a really important one.
There are many, many ways of working. There are so many ways to build a model which could fill you with confidence that that quality is going to be maintained and delivered.
So some of the things that are important to think about are:

  • Who should you be working with?
  • How can you be really selective?
  • How can you be ruthlessly strategic, and willing to say no to potential partners, because you don’t believe they’ll be able to deliver this to a high
  • Who would you be working with?
  • What are the things that you can do to make sure that they’re able to
    deliver this thing to a high quality?
  • What are the training, resources and support you can give to others upfront
    to make sure they’ve got the best chance of being able to deliver this
  • What’s the ongoing level of oversight that you want to that to make sure
    that you know how they are delivering?