Helpful resources on user testing

Find helpful resources to guide your user testing.

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A video on the value of Observations, by Standford University

This is a great video from Stanford that really sheds light on the value of observation!

A Guiding Framework with practial tips on safeguarding your participants, by HCDExchange & YLabs

There is some great guidance on safeguarding and protection of your participants, especially when working with young or vulnerable people.

Check out the principles on:

  • Developing and implement safeguarding plans for young people
  • Engaging youth as design partners


HCD-Exchange-QSWG_Framework_25JAN2022.pdf (427.1 KB)

A podcast on Why User Experience Matters in Africa, by YUX

YUX Design launched a great podcast series all about UX - or user experience - research.

Here is a great one that digs into why user experience matters in Africa, and YUX’s process in understanding user needs deeply.

A New Tool for Testing Your Design Concepts Ethically, by IDEO

IDEO launched a tool that encompasses three key principles for conducting design concepts in a way that’s ethical. Here are the three principles that they outline:

  • Responsibility: We act to protect people’s current and future interests. We make participants aware of how we will use the information they share, and we take carefully considered steps to safeguard their information. Our priority is making sure our research is not harmful to people in any way.

  • Respect: We honor participants’ limits and value their comfort—because participants are people, not subjects. We strive to be considerate of their cultural expectations and sensitivities at play.

  • Honesty: We’re truthful and timely in communication, and we want to help participants make informed choices about what they share, when they share it, and how they share it. Consent is key, and every action taken should be with the user in mind. Our goals and motives must remain as transparent as possible.


User testing guide, by Hubspot

This blog goes through all of the steps in great detail! Everything from when to use user testing, different methods (surveys, interviews, A/B testing, etc.), to how to set up and conduct your testing.

They also have a free toolkit of templates!

User Testing Template.docx (16.2 KB)
User Testing Report Template.docx (17.2 KB)