Helpful resources & case studies

We’ll use this thread to compile and share helpful resources, cases, examples, toolkits on scaling HCD projects and solutions.

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Hi everyone - thank you so much for joining our Scaling HCD Solutions series! We’re very much looking forward to meeting you all and exploring the relationship between scaling up and human-centred design together!

By way of introduction, I’m Iulia - Marketing and Communications Manager at Spring Impact. I’m writing here with some resources to check out ahead of our webinar on Tuesday, in case of interest. We’ll be talking through some of these during our call, so we’d very much welcome any questions you have on the day.

  • To begin with, please don’t hesitate to read through our case study with Child Health and Development Centre (CHDC), an organisation we’ve partnered with scale up an initative called PfR - a community-based parenting programme for the early prevention of violence against children and gender-based violence. You can read about their journey to scale so far here: Case Study: Child Health and Development Centre

  • For another story of achieving impact at scale, don’t hesitate to listen to our podcast episode sharing the case study of a unique strategic partnership between MSI Reproductive Choices Zambia, the human-centered Design non-profit IDEO and Spring Impact. The partnership scaled up an innovative reproductive health program for teenage girls across Zambia, working in close partnership with the Zambian Government. You can listen here: Mission to Scale

I’ll be in touch with a few additional resources ahead of Tuesday next week but in the meantime, I hope you find these useful, and please feel free to let me know of any questions/thoughts.

Best wishes,

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Hi everyone - looking forward to seeing you all for our session later today! As promised, adding a few additional resources in this threat, in case you would like to check them out before the webinar.

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The Sweet Spot for Scale: solutions that scale successfully hit the sweet spot between value, impact, and sustainability. We’ll be breaking down this framework and approach during the session, but you can familiarise yourself with it beforehand via our toolkit, available here: Sweet spot for scale • Spring Impact

Video: Scaling LavaMaex Globally

[LavaMaeX] is changing the way the world sees and serves our unhoused neighbors, by teaching others how to bring mobile showers and other essential care services to the street.

Watch the video below to find out how Spring Impact supported LavaMaex to sustainably scale their impact beyond their original footprint in San Francisco, and empower others across the globe to deliver the same services to a high standard: Scaling LavaMaeX globally • Spring Impact


UNICEF’s HCD Dossier

Here is another great resource from UNICEF on their learnings/experiences using HCD to design projects and solutions for young people, and the pathways to scale that they have used. Their approach includes testing and documentation of prototypes across different countries/geographies and the value of HCD’s rapid, fail-fast approach to help determine what does and doesn’t work.

“UNICEF must continue to prototype and document the different promising and potential applications of HCD proposed above and rapidly generate evidence around what works so that UNICEF CO’s and partners can bring these effective approaches to scale.”

About one year ago, we highlighted a USAID project that had scaled across three different countries, creating distinct and unique PrEP interventions based on the HCD research conducted in Zimbabwe, Lesotho and South Africa. Here are blog posts about the experience these projects had:

Another great case study of scaling up an HCD intervention from Tanzania, the Malkia Klabu project, which uses pharmacies to increase access to HIV self-testing kits for adolescent girls and is now being scaled up in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

Sharing here a few of the toolkits from Spring Impact:

The Scaling Impact Toolkit

And Scale Readiness Diagnostic Toolkit