HCD Resources you might find helpful!

We want to share some practical resources to go along with this workshop, so that people can take what they have learned and try it out in their own work. Not all HCD+ASRH projects need to be fully end-to-end with HCD, but it can be used as a spark of inspiration or as an ingredient - this is a great analogy from Design for Health!

Here we will share resources that we’ve found useful, and some open-source resources from Dalberg Design as our facilitator hosts from this session. We also would love for any of you to share your favourite resources as well!


Here are few other resources from Dalberg Design’s work in ASRH

Design for Health: is a global group of funders, implementers, and designers, spearheaded by the United States Agency for International Development’s Center for Innovation and Impact and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, committed to increasing the understanding, appropriate use, and value of design as an approach to help achieve global health goals.
Read more https://www.designforhealth.org/

Engage HCD: Explore how you can use HCD in your global health work in this resource by USAID’s Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact (CII), partnering with Dalberg’s Design to utilize human-centered design across the Bureau for Global Health’s work.
Read more http://www.engagehcd.com/


Engaging men: Dalberg Design’s work with BMGF and PCI on engaging men in health and nutrition programming provides an opportunity to move towards better health and gender outcomes.
Read more https://www.engagemen.in/


Thanks for sharing these, Sanjukta!

Another great one that you’ve share with us is the Design for Health Glossary of Design Terms. It’s a helpful guide to all of the most important terms and what they really mean!

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Here are the HCD methods, samples and resources that Sanjukta introduced in the presentation:


JSI and Sonder Design did an HCD research project and put together a really great report on their research and initial findings. It’s not exactly AYSRH in focus, but I think the information shared is still relevant for people interested in learning about how HCD research takes place.

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Hi all. I think this might be the best place to share this. It’s the ever-evolving concepts that I use in my HCD practice. So, not a step-by-step guide but rather the ideas and values that underpin HCD. It’s an open google doc. Always unfinished. Anyone with the link can comment. HCD@JSI Concepts »

Thanks for sharing @christine ! Sorry I missed this earlier! I might try to find a better place to store this so that it’s easier to find!! Great resource!