Design Thinking Education and Courses

Hi HCDexchange - does anyone have good recommendations for design thinking/HCD educational courses in French, Spanish, or designed/hosted by non-western individuals? Many thanks in advance!

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Hi Nicole! It’s been a minute! It’s great to hear from you!

That’s a great question - we recently put up a page on our website with HCD courses and field guides from a handful of sources, but as you have probably noted from your own scoping, they are mainly in English and from Western sources.

One great exception that we’ve found is from YUX Design Academy in Senegal. They run a course for individuals and companies in Africa called BOKK Design, they’ve also had UX Research courses online last year. It’s all in French. They also share a number of their resources for free on their website which are really nice - they have bilingual options. Let me know if you want to get in touch with them - I can connect you.

While this isn’t in the immediate future, we are launching an institutional partnership based in the Francophone West African region and as part of this we will be working together with them to at least translate an online HCD course, and perhaps localize it as well. We’ll keep you posted on that!

@Rimjhim - just tagging you in in case you know of any good non-Western HCD courses that you may have come across in your work? @NicoleBennett, did you mainly want online courses, or also courses from design academies? There are a number of design schools coming up in Africa and Southern Asia (i.e.: d-school in South Africa).


ACT in Africa is also an institute based in Zimbabwe that runs cohort-based HCD training. Their website looks to be down at the moment, but here is their LinkedIn page. We’re also connected with them, in case you’re interested!