Creating a Youth Advisory Council/Board at the Organisational Level

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Grassroot Soccer (GRS) currently collaborates with young people at a project level for their input into program and curriculum design. GRS holds program and curriculum design workshops where youth are able to contribute their ideas, share their perspectives, and validate design components. GRS then integrates youth feedback into decision-making and planning.

However, GRS is considering creating and running a sustainable Youth Advisory Council/Board at the Organizational Level.

Two questions come to mind regarding this:

(1) Does anyone here have any experience with this? If yes, are you willing to spare 30 minutes of your time to have a chat with us? If yes, please send me a direct message so we can schedule a suitable time and date to chat more about this.

(2) Does anyone here have any resources related to this? If yes, could you please share these resources with me? If you prefer to send these resources via email, my email address is:

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Hi Susan,

Below are two resources I had come across while reading about this topic once:

The first link is from the Advisory Council of Youth that advises the Youth sector of the Council of Europe. I had come across this while searching for something else so I don’t know more about it but I guess you could try connecting with someone from their team.

The second link seems promising, the abstract says that the research article differentiates meaningful youth advisory boards from tokenistic ones. However, you’ll need access for the second link, perhaps someone could help you with that.


Hey Susan! This is such a cool idea at GRS!

I feel like @Rasheed may be able to speak about this or at least connect you with some folks who are either on or run youth advisory councils. We also just recently spoke to someone who is a member of UNFPA’s Kenya Youth Advisory Council, so let me share the notes from that conversation and I can connect you both over email!


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Thanks Meru, I’ll have a look at the articles and follow-up where necessary.

Thanks Liz. I look forward to reading your notes and connecting with your source at UNFPA. @Rasheed_Mutaha please link me up with your connections! Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very welcome! I’d love to hear how this whole process goes!

Hey @Susan ! How is the youth advisory council development coming along?

Youth Advisory Councils are one of the important elements of the youth engagement and youth integration work we promote in quality HCD + AYSRH work. Our Voices spoke to project team members and participants of three youth advisory councils to get a sense of their experience in the context of research focusing on adolescent health, gender and violence.

This article covers key considerations when working with youth advisors, how young people were involved in the research process, and some key themes including boundaries, building connection, and renumeration for work.

Great article here: What it’s like working with - and being part of - youth advisory groups in the context of research focussing on adolescent health, gender and violence | Our Voices