Creating a resource toolkit on basics of HCD

Why I chose to create resource toolkit on basics of HCD?

From last two year while working with HCD Exchange we observed in many time that HCD as a concept is very new for the young community we are working with. Large number of youth are not connecting in the intersection of HCD+ASRH due to

  • lack of youth friendly resources
  • language is very technical in the available resources
  • they are lengthy
    And many more. So I decided to make a very basic resource toolkit.


Hi Himanshu! I’d love to also hear about why it was important to you personally, as a young practitioner yourself, working with other young people! And what are the main sections that the toolkit covers?

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As a young practitioner personally this is very important for me because I don’t want that people will have to do struggle to understand as I did. I want increase the youth engagement more in this front.
This toolkit will contain some story based audio visual material on basics of HCD.

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The most interesting thing I learned during my project
Scope of content creation in the field of ASRH is very wide. And specially contents related to intersection of HCD+ASRH is really needs contributions. Whenever we talked about other SDGs like Climate, Education, Peace, Poverty etc. you will find many options of resource materials available almost in all the platforms. But field of ASRH has very low numbers.
As in my project i am working on the youth friendly communication materials on basics of Human Centered Design, i have gone through the various spaces to observe available resources. And interesting thing i observed that young creators or professionals can really work on ASRH. We strongly need resources and even young creators even explore content creation on ASRH professionally to boost their career.
I also request organizations and funders working on the HCD and ASRH please make projects and allocate funds on this section too.

HCD blog.pdf (1.2 MB)
Here i am sharing my first deliverable of this learning project. This is a story based blog explaining basics of Human Centered Design.
I am sharing this to get your feedbacks and then i will do the iteration. So please go through this blog and share your thoughts.
Note - This is not a final draft there will be some improvements based on the feedbacks so please go wild, feel free to share any idea or insights.

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