About Dalberg Design and our approach to HCD in ASRH

Hi everyone,

Looking forward to our time together on June 29. It is going to be highly interactive, so please bring your questions and curiosities :slight_smile:

Here is some context
About Dalberg Design

We began our journey as a human-centered design practice in 2014.

HCD is interdisciplinary research, design, and creative facilitation methodology that engages stakeholders across an ecosystem. It provides a process and tools that help them to understand, design, and implement solutions to their challenges and cultivate new opportunities.

We use HCD to help people design products, services, programs, policies, and strategies for positive social impact.


Here are the HCD methods that Sanjukta introduced in the presentation:

Card Sort

Dapivirine Ring Design Guide

Influencer Scenario Sheet

Direct to Consumer Family Planning

Consent and Confidentiality Agreement